What is it?

IGEN is the unique SaaS platform designed to help you solve strategic challenges related to revenue growth in an easy and fun way. Involve as many employees as you want fostering them to solve specific challenges while embedding an innovation mindsets

It's not an idea-generation software. It's  a platform that allows us to implement our methodology in our clients in a more efficient and accessible way.


Solve strategic challenges, while generating innovative ideas


Anytime, anywhere, the IGEN app is just one tap away


Embed innovation capabilities across your organization


Conducted by experts in Business Model Innovation

The App

Designed to engage participants in solving the most exciting challenges of the organization

Be challenged

Access the challenge in which you are taking part. Get a full explanation on why a great solution for this is needed. Make it yours

Be inspired

New insights are uploaded periodically by the team of experts to inspire a continuous generation of ideas

Be part of it

Suggest every idea you have. Everything you observe it could be improved. Now is time to be part of the future

Be social

Share your ideas and add new perspectives on top of your colleagues' suggestions

"I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else"